Banyan Risk Group’s CEO, David Dezso, Breaks Down IDG’s Gaza Strip Strategy on Fox News

United States – The Banyan Risk Group CEO and founder, David Dezso, also a U.S. Army veteran, has shared his expert insights and opinion on the ongoing war between Israel and the Palestinian Hamas group. The security expert, in an interview with Fox News, shared his take on the ongoing war and how risks can be minimized, especially as the Hamas group and sympathizers do not wear identifying uniforms or other accessories that clearly differentiate them from the average civilian.

Sharing his insights in the interview with Fox News, David Dezso of Banyan Risk Group noted that Israel has a robust security technology that can be leveraged positively to improve their chances of fighting the war to a standstill. He noted that although they have been blindsided by the attack, he believes they’ll be catching up in no time, putting the right strategies in place to turn the war around in their favor.

David Dezso maintained that Israel would be looking to build an operations intelligence integrated picture to lay the groundwork for their future strategies. He expressed a positive mindset that Israel is familiar with their neighbors and has intelligence from previous encounters with them, thus giving them a framework on how to better address the attacks and turn the tides around in their favor.

It was stated that the size and scale of the current attack are new to Israel. However, he expressed optimism that Israel will be able to gain ground and establish a ground network in Gaza to feed them the much-needed information.

He continued that the tunnel systems within Gaza presented a significant challenge, posing a hostage situation for rescuing hostages being held by the Hamas group.

Speaking on ground invasions and Hamas expectations, David Dezso noted that Hamas’ hostage situation is designed to help them during negotiations, adding that he’s not optimistic that the ground invasion is designed to limit Israel’s response to the attacks. He further stated that Israel is known to respond robustly to threats and attacks, which further puts pressure on the Hamas group as they may be unable to sustain their attacks on Israel in the long run, especially when their war chest and resources deplete.

In the interview with Fox News, David Dezso, noted that Hamas has launched about 6,000 rockets so far, putting them at risk of running out of resources soon and facing the full wrath of the Israeli war chest.

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