Mount Vernon, Iraq Veteran Files Lawsuit Against Police Department Alleging Violation of Constitutional Rights

Mount Vernon, New York Oct 27, 2023 ( – Matthew J. Fecteau has filed a lawsuit against the City of Mount Vernon, New York (“CMVNY”) and the Mount Vernon Police Department (“MVPD”) in the pursuit of public accountability and the protection of his Constitutional Rights. The lawsuit, centered on the failure of the CMVNY and MVPD to uphold their legal obligations, seeks redress for the alleged infringement of Mr. Fecteau’s Constitutional Rights.

The case, filed on 26 September 2023, highlights Mr. Fecteau’s assertions that the City of Mount Vernon, New York and its police department failed to intervene when his Constitutional Rights were violated and, in some instances, participated in said violations, even during periods when he was away on serving his country. After attempting to resolve these matters through administrative avenues without success, he has taken the step of filing this lawsuit.

Key Points in the Lawsuit:

  • Failure to Uphold Constitutional Rights: Mr. Fecteau alleges that the City of Mount Vernon and the Mount Vernon Police Department have actively infringed upon his Constitutional Rights, even when he was away on military duty, compromising his safety and well-being.
  • Lack of Police Intervention: Mr. Fecteau asserts that his attempts to seek police intervention have yielded no action, with the response being to “take it to a judge.” In response, he has initiated an Article 78 petition to address his concerns and support recently submitted Civilian Complaints.
  • Request for MVPD’s Internal Affairs Bureau (IAB) to Fulfill Core Responsibilities: Mr. Fecteau’s primary objective is to prompt the MVPD’s Internal Affairs Bureau (IAB) to fulfill its core responsibilities, including investigating law enforcement personnel and addressing civilian complaints. He argues that a functional IAB would have uncovered the alleged misconduct and prevented ongoing violations of Constitutional Rights.
  • Concerns About Police Accountability: Instead of focusing on effective policing that respects the rule of law, Mr. Fecteau claims that the MVPD has adopted a public relations campaign aimed at presenting a reformed image. He argues that the MVPD’s senior leadership appears disinterested in addressing civil rights violations, opting for public relations over genuine reform.
  • Empowerment of the Community: Mr. Fecteau emphasizes that his case is not isolated and that many community members face similar issues. He claims that others may not have the time, resources, or skills to draft a petition, making his legal action crucial in representing the interests of the community.

Matthew J. Fecteau’s lawsuit seeks to address these concerns and hold the City of Mount Vernon and the Mount Vernon Police Department accountable for their actions. This case underscores the significance of upholding Constitutional Rights and fostering transparency in law enforcement.

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