PitPat launches new event “Shining Run” with limited badges


Houston, Texas Oct 26, 2023 (Issuewire.com) – The online event platform PitPat released a new online running event “Shining Run” on the 17th. Users who participate and complete the race can obtain the latest sportswear: virtual equipment made of fluorescence that can glow at night. In addition, the rewards also include points and cash rewards to maximize the encouragement of users to participate in sports and enjoy a healthy life.

According to the official data released by PitPat, the total mileage of this event is 7 miles, which is a regular event mileage. The activity is divided into 4 stages: Germination, Seeding, Generation, and Maturity. According to the official road map, this event symbolizes the growth process of a seed and eventually becomes a towering tree. This is also the sports spirit that PitPat officials have always advocated: exercise to achieve a healthy life.

This activity has been recognized by community users for its creative design and expression. One user from California said that it really motivated him and made him more motivated to exercise on the treadmill tracker. Another user said that it is easy to slack off when exercising at home, but with the PitPat, he feels like he is still in the gym, with many people running and competing with him, which makes him feel surprised.

PitPat is a best treadmill workout app. The most prominent feature is that you can participate in online running competitions. PitPat has cooperated with smart home fitness brands Superun and DeerRun. By connecting Superun and DeerRun brand treadmills, you can enjoy exclusive free courses, AI coaches, and other auxiliary training. At the same time, if users need higher-level training, they can experience the same atmosphere and excitement as offline running competitions through online running competitions officially organized by PitPat, or events sponsored by Superun and DeerRun brands, and gain rewards include cash, redeemable sports points, limited edition badges, etc.

Compared with other sports apps, PitPat has more virtual sports elements. PitPat has built a metaverse world “PitPat World”. All users can run in scenes like cities, towns, mountains, and lakes. With realistic graphics and reasonable structure, you can enjoy the beauty of outdoor running even at home.

PitPat officials stated that all activities and new content updates currently launched on the platform will ultimately serve the team’s goal: to become the world’s largest online event platform. The PitPat team is still focusing on the development of new scenarios and the creation of event functions, constantly testing the integrated functions of software and hardware. At the same time, through continuous reward mechanisms and interesting event types, it will cultivate the exercise habits of more home users.

About PitPat

PitPat is a smart home fitness brand designed and developed by the JOYFIT team. It innovates to create the world’s first online competition, providing a new form of exercise for all home fitness users. When users open PitPat, they will enter a new world of online competitions. All users can train and compete at will, and get rewards while improving their physical fitness.

It’s a new world of training, races, socializing, entertainment, and so on, satisfying your imagination about the new world of running.

Website: www.pitpatfitness.com


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