Clinq.Gold Heads to BLOCKCHANCE 23 Conference to Introduce Their New Gold-Winning Game

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Dubai, UAE, June 26, 2023 (500NewsWire) Clinq.Gold, a company that offers a 100% gold-backed stablecoin $CGT, will take part at the European Crypto Conference BLOCKCHANCE 23 on June 28-30. They will introduce their project and game allowing for winning physical gold, to Web3 and crypto enthusiasts.


BLOCKCHANCE 23 will take place in Congress Center, Hamburg on June 28-30. 300+ leading experts in blockchain and prominent crypto entrepreneurs will cover such topics as the future of Web3 and digital assets, metaverse prospects, as well as up-to-date tech solutions for the crypto industry. The event will host 7,500+ speakers and 150+ exhibitors in total.

Clinq.Golds agenda at the conference

Being a sponsor of the event, Clinq.Gold will welcome all comers at Booth G20 located in Congress Center, Hamburg, and offer to take part in the activities mentioned below.

Besides, the CEO and Founder of the project, Nick Patel, will give his speeches on Forest and Terra Stages on June 28:


17:15 18:00 CET Panel Discussion THE BITCOIN VS. GOLD DEBATE

All the participants will have a chance to ask questions to Nick, who founded Bank of Bullion and has 25 years of experience in Global Financial Markets. Nick has worked in 20+ countries to finance IPO's and Start Ups. He has extensive knowledge of working within all aspects of the financial sector, with specialisation in trading gold and other precious metals.

What activities to expect from Clinq.Gold?

  • Catching Clinqer to win $CGT

Clinqer is Clinq.Gold's newly launched game, based on the concept of a treasure hunt. Players can earn $CGT tokens by catching Clinqer. If they win, they collect all $CGT that Clinqer is carrying. After winning, players can change the location and keep playing for more rewards.

At the conference Clinq.Gold will offer a unique opportunity to exchange $CGT tokens for physical gold (the tokens can usually be exchanged for a stablecoin or fiat only).

  • Physical Gold Giveaway

The Clinq.Gold team will give away 15 bullions of physical gold.

How to win?

1. Follow Clinq.Gold socials (mentioned below).

2. Share a pic with Clinq.Gold booth tagging Clinq.Gold and using the #goldstablecoin hashtag.

3. Register on Clinq.Gold website and provide your ID in the stand form.

The results will be announced on June 30 at 12:00 CET at the booth.

Later on, gold can be exchanged for a stablecoin and traded on CEX.

How to participate in BLOCKCHANCE 23 and win gold from Clinq.Gold?

All visitors of BLOCKCHANCE 23 will have a chance to join Clinq.Gold and take part in the activities offered. Tickets to the conference are already on sale on the official website.

Apart from that, Clinq.Gold offers an opportunity to win 10 networking and 10 virtual tickets.

What is the difference between the tickets and how to win one?

Networking tickets allow the participants to visit exhibitions and the AI.SUMMIT event, as well as provide access to the conference & event app, most side events, Networking night & Afterglow party.

Virtual tickets give attendees an opportunity to participate in live streams of the conference and virtual exhibition, with networking tables and virtual meetups being included.

To win a ticket a person should be part of BLOCKCHAIN 23 and Clinq.Golds communities on the corresponding socials. The giveaways with all the details are to be announced there.

About Clinq.Gold

Clinq.Gold provides a disruptive solution to the inflationary financial system. By offering a 100% gold-backed stablecoin $CGT, Clinq.Gold challenges existing stablecoin operators with a transparent, reliable and trustworthy option.

Clinq.Gold has Bank of Bullion as a procurement partner. Incorporated in 2016, it is one of the major suppliers of gold in the UAE and international markets.

The initial and main market for now is the African continent. Clinq.Gold aims to provide African countries with independence from the US dollar, faster and efficient payments for import / export markets, as well as eliminate inflation and deflation of the fiat currency.

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