American Businesses Want Secure Borders and a Modernized Immigration System to Help Address Worker Shortages

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Media tour conducted by The U.S. Chamber of Commerce to discuss the LIBERTY Campaign (Legal Immigration and Border Enforcement Reform This Year) to secure our borders and fix our nations broken immigration system.

There might as well be a giant Help Wanted! sign over the United States. The economy has bounced back from the pandemic lows, but companies have been struggling to meet their workforce needs to keep up with the surge in demand for everything from household products to cars. At the same time, the crisis level situation on our southern border is not abating, as the U.S. Border Patrol has seen 133,000 more border crossings through April of this fiscal year than during the same period of time in last years record-shattering totals.

The U.S. currently has approximately 10.1 million job openings, while there are 6 million people unemployed and looking for work. The worker shortfall has also emerged as a key factor driving persistent inflation and higher interest rates. Securing our borders and modernizing our immigration system can help us confront these challenges.

Many people wonder given the seriousness of these issues and the polarization in Congress if any real progress can be achieved on border security and immigration reform? The U.S. Chamber of Commerce believes not only that it can be done, but that it must be done. The immigration challenges we face today didnt arrive at our doorstep overnight; theyve been around for decades and have only grown in size and severity due to many years of congressional inaction.

The U.S. Chamber of Commerce is leading the LIBERTY Campaign (Legal Immigration and Border Enforcement Reform This Year) with over 430 national, state, and local business associations. The campaign launched with a letter calling upon Congress to address the crisis at our border and the critical workforce shortage before the years end.

Many experts believe that expanding legal immigration to the U.S. would help spawn economic output by driving much needed labor force growth at a time when Americas population growth is stagnating.

A nationwide media tour was conducted on June 20th featuring Neil Bradley from the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, discussing why Congress cannot afford to wait any longer to secure our borders and modernize our broken immigration system.

Topics that Neil Bradley from the U.S. Chamber of Commerce discussed included:

  • How serious our border and legal immigration problems are.
  • What the consequences will be if Congress foregoes fixing the problems on our borders and within our legal immigration system.
  • How a modern, pro-growth immigration system will help address the chronic workforce issues plaguing many American employers today and other economic problems were suffering from.
  • Why the Chamber launched the LIBERTY Campaign with over 430 other associations.

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